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Now is the time to prepare for business success!

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7 Reasons Why

  1. This is a unique opportunity where you may have extra time to make important changes and improvements for both your physical space and online
  2. More than ever, customers are searching local using Google Search and Google Maps
  3. Your location may be cleaner and free of distractions making it easier for recording of virtual business tour for Google Street View
  4. A professional photography session will be easier to book and accommodate before your business volume returns
  5. You have more time now to get your business online and connect with existing and future customers
  6. Acting now helps you to get ahead of the competition and stay on top
  7. Visuals such as virtual tours and professional photography provide essential communication and information for your customers

If you are a business operator in the Metro Vancouver or Fraser Valley area please contact me to get started with your Google Street View Tour, updated photography and Google Business Listing.